Posted on February 28, 2018 by Amanda Reitz

Concordia University Wisconsin has taken a key step in extending its global mission reach by formalizing a longstanding partnership with a reputable university in Ukraine. Following an official signing agreement last fall, the Ukrainian university formerly called Wisconsin International University Ukraine has now adopted a new name: Ukrainian-American Concordia University.

The renewed partnership now identifies Concordia as a “co-founder” of the university, which provides an opportunity for Concordia to participate in discussions and decisions that are made on behalf of the international university.

“Ukraine is one of the most critical countries for us to participate in higher education right now because it’s where global alliances that will affect our future are playing themselves out,” says Rev. Dr. David Birner, executive director of international education at Concordia. “As a Christian university, committed to preparing global citizens, we need to be present in strategically important areas of the world,  and Ukraine is definitely one of those areas.”

Concordia’s relationship with the Ukraine school began just over 20 years ago, under the direction of Concordia’s president at the time, Rev. Dr. R. John Buuck. Last year, the international school celebrated its 20th anniversary. With the milestone, school leaders sought to secure accreditation from one of the country’s higher education commissioning boards, and in tandem, renew and expand their partnership with Concordia, says Birner.

Last month, Ukrainian-American Concordia University received notification of its accreditation from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, a US certifying organization. The university is also the only one in Ukraine to have programs accredited by the International Accrediting Agency, FIBAA.

The school, which offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in business, closely reflects Concordia’s business curriculum and is currently exploring new entrepreneurial learning initiatives with Concordia’s Batterman School of Business undergraduate programs and MBA programs.

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