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Name: Rev. Dr. David Birner
Title: Executive Director of International Education
Qualifications: BA Theology/Philosophy- Concordia Senior College; Master of Divinity- Christ Seminary; Doctor of Ministry- Bakke Graduate University
Global Experience: 14 years of missionary service in Papua New Guinea, 9 years as Asia Secretary supervising Lutheran programs in 12 Asian countries, 3 years residence in Hong Kong and 9 years overseeing the Lutheran Church- Missouri Synod’s international operations in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eurasia.
Languages: English and Papua New Guinean trade and tribal languages
Fun Fact: Instead of riding a traditional bicycle, Dr. Birner ‘stands out’ on his ElliptiGo bike (google it!)
Phone: 262-243-4457

Name: Christopher Reeder
Title: Coordinator of Study Abroad Operations
Qualifications: BA Intercultural Studies- Biola University, MS Student Personnel Administration in progress- Concordia University Wisconsin
Global Experience: Worked as an intern in South Africa and Senegal. Traveled to 20 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Languages: Chris has studied Spanish, Arabic, Wolof and Dutch.
Fun Fact: Chris is originally from California and was on the high school surf team.
Phone: 262-243-2132

Name: Christine Kao
Title: Senior Director of Academic Partnership & Development- Asia-Pacific
Qualifications: MS Student Personnel Administration
Global Experience: Christine has lived, worked and traveled across Asia, Europe and Australia.
Languages: Mandarin and English
Fun Fact: The oldest city in Wisconsin is Green Bay. Go Packers!
Phone: 262-243-4284

Name: Daniel Meyer Wagner
Title: Director of the English Language Institute
Qualifications: BA English/TESOL- Valparaiso; MA TESOL- Valparaiso
Global Experience: Dan has worked as an English teacher in Hangzhou, China and at Dalian Jiaotong University in Dalian, China. Dan also has extensive travel experience across North America, Europe and Eastern Asia. He has spent a good deal of time in Eastern Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan).
Languages: Mandarin and English
Fun Fact: Dan loves outdoor activities. His weekends are filled with biking, running and camping. He especially enjoys mountain biking.
Phone: 262-243-4460

Name: Amanda Reitz
Title: Director of International Recruitment and Retention
Qualifications: BA International Studies- University of Wisconsin Oshkosh; MA European Studies- University of Flensburg (Germany)
Global Experience: Amanda lived in Germany on three separate occasions: one year through Rotary exchange in high school, a semester during her undergraduate and two years pursuing her post-graduate degree. Amanda has traveled to over 35 different countries across Europe, the Middle East/Arabian Gulf, Asia and Latin America.
Languages: English and German
Fun Fact: Amanda’s ultimate retirement goal is to one day open an internationally themed bakery where she can feature all of the recipes she’s received from students.
Phone: 262-243-2063

Name: Marian Guillen
Title: International Office Administrative Assistant
Qualifications: BA Psychology- Cardinal Stritch University; MS Counseling in progress- Concordia University Wisconsin
Global Experience: Marian was born in raised in Mexico; she attended one year of middle school and one year of high school in the US while growing up. Marian returned to the US to study her bachelor’s degree. She also spent a year in Germany learning the language and traveling around Europe.
Languages: English, Spanish and German
Fun Fact: Marian has lived in three countries, seven cities, and twelve houses and attended thirteen different schools.
Phone: 262-243-2004

Name: Kaley Grunwald
Title: International Admissions Coordinator
Qualifications: BA Spanish Education- Concordia University Wisconsin
Global Experience: Kaley has studied for a semester in Spain, completed her student teaching semester in Uruguay, and has traveled in both Europe and South America.
Languages: English and Spanish
Fun Fact: Kaley has been to the largest waterfalls system in the world, Iguazu Falls!
Phone: 262-243-4294

Name: Robin Kuzu
Title: International Student Advisor
Qualifications: BA English & Spanish Literature & Language- University of Maryland College Park;
MA Comparative Literature- Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain; MA Spanish Literature & Language- Pennsylvania State University
Global Experience: Robin has lived, worked and studied in Mexico City, Mexico, Santiago, Chile and Barcelona, Spain over the duration of several years. She also routinely visits her in-laws in Turkey.
Languages: English and Spanish
Fun Fact: Robin has visited the House of the Virgin Mary near Ephesus, Turkey!
Phone: 262-243-4550

Name: Charlotte Shih
Title: Coordinator of Student Programs in the Asia Pacific
Qualifications: BA French Studies- National Central University of Taiwan; MA- Marquette University
Global Experience: Extensive experience in Asia/South East Asia, as well as in Europe. Charlotte also lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for a while.
Languages: Mandarin, English and French
Fun Fact: Charlotte has a passion for food, travel and God’s word!
Phone: 262-243-2119

Meet with Your Advisor
If you are on campus you may meet with your International Student Advisor without an appointment during walk-in hours:

Monday – 12:30-4:00pm
Tuesday – 12:30-4:00pm
Wednesday – 9:00-12:30pm
Thursday – 2:00-6:00pm
Friday – 9:00-12:30pm

If you are unable to meet with your International Student Advisor during walk-in hours, make an appointment using his or her contact info or email Robin Kuzu for further assistance.

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