After completing 10 years of working experience in one of the Big-4 consulting organizations, I decided to move to the USA to pursue a second MBA degree from Concordia University, Wisconsin with Human Resources and Management Information System as major area of focus. Looking back into my journey at Concordia University, makes me feel proud of what I have been able to achieve. It’s not been an easy journey for sure. It’s been one filled with a lot of ups and downs; happy and sad memories; friends who stood by, friends who didn’t; personal losses and gains; times of burning mid-night oil; times of enlightened learning; and joyous times of success.

From being raised in an extremely protected environment to being alone in a completely unknown country – living, working and learning amidst a mix of people from all over the world with diverse cultures, habits and ways of life – presented a series of challenges that I never thought of in life. The challenges and hardships in this new life of mine has made me much stronger and better equipped for life. One of the best thing about the whole journey was my time at the university where I spent time learning new areas and sharpening my skills. The team at Concordia University has been a great support at every step in the journey. I couldn’t have reached this far without all the help and guidance provided by the leadership team at the university. Being a Graduate Assistant at the university allows me to share my learning and enables me to assist and support fellow students who are progressing through their journeys. As I look forward to the next phase of life post completing my MBA…I sincerely thanks all the professors, academic staff and the leadership team for standing by me throughout this journey.

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